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This a fan page for the businessman Timo Khammash, and is not owned nor operated by Timo Khammash.

This is my experience in doing business with Timo Khammash along with Engel & Volkers Florida.

My experience is congruent to that of others experiences as well.

Pictured above is Timo Khammash

1. Background Information 

I began doing business with Timo in 2017, and I have spent my entire career in Real Estate, in particular Real Estate Marketing. More specifically, creating and implementing innovative marketing systems, to help top tier brands dramatically increase agent count, franchise count and assist with lead generation.

2. First Agreement 

I entered into an agreement with Timo Khammash and Engel & Volkers Florida to assist them with franchise lead generation, and was offered $8,000 per franchise lead I brought forth, of which closed. The text message of the initial agreement from Timo Khammash is below.

Text Message from Timo Khammash, outlining our initial franchise lead generation agreement.

3. Second Agreement

Based upon their 30 franchise sale projection per year, and the addition of a higher monthly payment, I agreed to dramatically lower my commission, from $8k per franchise sold to only $4k for the first 10 sold, and $5k for the next 20.

4. Not disclosing proper information when making agreement

It quickly became apparent that they did not have the ability to sell 30 franchises per year, even though it was the vast majority of my projected income. As more months passed, Oliver stated via a phone call: “I knew all along we would never sell 30 franchises.” Timo  solely used such a projection to lower my commission, and negotiate in his favor.

5. Timo trying to sell my system to other Engel & Volkers entities

My system was so effective in their eyes, that they subsequently pitched it to both Engel & Volkers California, and Engel & Volkers USA. Timo continued to try to pass my proprietary systems off as Engel & Volkers Florida, and even made up fake agreements, stating I agreed to 80/20 split; for them doing absolutely zero work.

Timo stating my proprietary systems have to be “we” not “I”.

6. Timo making up fake agreements

Here is Timo proposing a 80/20 split, stating I agreed to such when no such agreement transpired (complete lie).

Timo talking about pitching my systems to the California regional franchise, while stating I agreed to an 80/20 split, never happened!

7. Breach of Contract

In March, months after they pitched my system to the entire country (corporate in NY and CA, the only remaining individual owned region with the exception of Florida), in a sole attempt to make profit from it, ie charging other regions for my work, they attempted to cancel the contract based upon the fact they felt as though all the data in Florida had been initially contacted.

8. Oliver binding the company and agreement to continue paying commissions

Oliver then breached the contractual agreement with me (assuming he got all the leads he could, which is reiterated by an actual signed statement bellow from their franchise sales executive), yet stated he would “certainly honor any commissions resulting out of those prospects who are currently interested in buying a franchise.”

An exert from Oliver Tonn’s email to me on March 30th of 2018.

It’s important to note, Oliver Tonn is a 50% partner in the regional franchise, and has the power to legally bind the company, which he did in this scenario.

9. Timo attempting to negate Oliver, and not pay me commissions

Yet, days later, Timo Khammash attempted to completely cancel the contract, even though it was already breached/cancelled by Oliver days prior, and Oliver’s email cancelling such superseded the initial (of which they never executed to begin with).

9. Illegal behavior


10. Timo and Oliver continue to use my work for their advantage

In total, I generated 1,694 licensed franchise leads, of which Timo Khammash, Oliver Tonn and Engel & Volkers Florida are actively still using to their benefit, without any intention of paying me moving forward. More than 80% of their existing pipeline is in correlation to my leads.

11. Refusing to pay me, Defamation and Slander from Timo

In addition to not wanting to pay me moving forward for the work I already completed, Timo Khammash went around his office, putting his fat/ugly middle fingers up at me.

When the Senior Vice President of Franchise Sales asked Timo and Oliver in regard to paying me for my work moving forward, Timo responded as such:

Senior Vice President of Franchise Sales: “Are you guys going to honor your commitment to him [Brian] and pay-out any deals that Craig and I are currently trying to close?”

Timo Khammash: “I’ll tell you what were going to give Brian, were going to give him a BIG FUCK-YOU!”, while raising his voice and giving me the both middle-fingers pointed at my face. Timo finished with that subject and said, “we received some papers from his lawyer and it’s all bullshit.”

12: Signed statement of events from SVP of Franchise Sales

The full statement of the Senior Vice President of Franchise Sales in regards to Timo Khammash and Oliver Tonn’s behavior and intention of defrauding me for the work I already completed for them.

13. Payment Reversals (Coming soon)

14. Fake Furniture Charges (Coming soon)

15. Fake Autoresponders (Coming soon)

16. Engel & Volkers Florida Outside Legal Counsel – Quack & Quackier (Coming Soon)

17. Timo Khammash – Flipping Out In Office – Caught On Cell Phone Video (Coming Soon)

18. Timo Khammash – Mugshot.com (Coming Soon)

Timo Khammash on MugShot.com


In conclusion, if you’re thinking of doing business with Timo Khammash and or Engel & Volkers Florida, please take my  experience into account prior to.

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Disclaimer. This is an unofficial fan site dedicated to the businessman Timo Khammash. Our purpose is to shed light on his behavior and activities.